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Madam La Zongas

Madam La Zongas Window


Madam La Zongas room hire sign

If you have an interesting event or activity you would like to hold at the Nags Head then please feel free to contact us


Regular Events & Activities Upstairs in Madam La Zongas.

*Life Drawing class - Held every monday from 7.30 - 10pm. To join the life drawing class please email: or

*Wine Tasting - Discover the latest trends and tastes at our informal but informative monthly Wine tastings with our resident Wine Guru Sean Pines.
Held on the last Thursday of each month from 7:30pm - 9pm. If you would like to join our email list to be informed of future tasting's please contact either Sharon or Sean on email:

*Madam La Zongas Lounge Bar will be open every Friday and Saturday evening where you will be able to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere.

History of Madam La Zongas

The Landlady Flossie's Dad once had a cat named Madam La Zonga. Years later at a Boot Sale, she found a CD of 1930/40s music entitled "Serenade in the night". On it was a double-entendre track "Six lessons from Madam La Zonga" (if your ever down Havana way). She then found out it was the title of a film staring "the Mexican Spitfire" Lupe Velez whose party trick was to throw her dress over her face whilst wearing no undergarments... Unfortunately she committed suicide at the age of 36 for finding herself unmarried and pregnant.

The room itself is decorated like so - because when taking over the Pub 10 years ago - the bar itself is quite 1960s Kisch. So Flossie decided to keep it like that and for the next 9 years traipsed around Car Boot Sales buying anything suitable for it from Spanish Dolls to 1960s Nudie Calendars...

Lupe Velez - Madam La Zongas